Design and Advanced Materials As a Driver of Innovation

In recent years advanced materials have emerged and are having a major impact on

A US-based, federal laboratory known as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) recently tested our X-Series Solar Panels. It was found these panels have reached 22.8% in energy efficiency, which is much higher than the usual 15 to 18% ratings of other panels.

Aside from the latest X-Series test results, we also have existing lines of panels which exceeded the 15 to 18% usual efficiencies among other modules. The E19 panels could produce 19.5% and E20 were at 20%, while X21 and X22 had 21% and 22% respectively.

During the last two years, Alfa Industries carried out many installations with the use of E20 modules. The series could generate more power within a same amount of space, in comparison to other panels. With E20’s power-tolerant cells and compatibility with transformer-less inverters, Alfa Industries’ technicians were further geared to install high-performance and money saving equipment for homes.

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