Unique, targeted systems designed precisely for you

For decades, McBain applications and design engineers have been translating optical instrumentation wish lists info reality. We have been creating application-specific turnkey systems on the cutting edge of technology and also meeting a range of budget levels. We have been developing custom-engineered advanced solutions for a long list of demanding customers, including Intel, IBM, Hewlett Packard, NASA, Boeing, Raytheon and many, many others. Utilizing the latest advances in optics, vision and motion control, McBain has provided solutions that that have ranged from simple ergonomically designed XYZ measurement systems to vision-driven, fully-automated, robotic assembly stations with multiple axes of motion.

One system or many

Whether you need a custom one-off system or multiple systems — whether for measurement, inspection, motion control or any number of other types of applications — McBain can provide smart, innovative, specifically targeted solutions, precisely for you.

McBain has designed and manufactured literally thousands of precision instruments, addressing many hundreds of challenging applications in a broad range of industrial, research, education and other settings. Our specialized expertise and years of experience in optics, vision technology, positioning, motion control, computerized metrology and more have given us a strong edge and an enviable reputation in numerous technology markets around the globe.

Some typical examples of McBain custom applications…

McBain designed and built a fully-automated robotic assembly station for a specific precision alignment process. It featured custom robotics, precision tooling, dual-camera split field with twin microscope objectives and custom software.

A large-scale focal plane assembly and metrology tool was developed to assemble, manipulate and measure large-format infrared focal plane arrays to within 0.5 microns within a volume of 250mm x 250mm x 150 mm for high-profile projects for the defense and astronomy communities.
Hybridization is an assembly process in which a flat arrayed element is bonded to a mating receptor using a predetermined amount of force. Alignment and co-planarity of the array to its mating part is critical, and it is usually done with a high-power IR or visible light microscope and a collimator. McBain has developed many custom hybridizers, from cold, high-pressure indium bump bonders, to high-temperature gold bonders, to low-pressure glue bond hybridizers.

McBain designed and built an edge-gap/IR slip measurement tool to measure the gap and lateral shift between hybridized die for the IR focal plane array single tool and minimized the footprint, and increased throughput, yield, ergonomics and accuracy.

Employing custom NIR optical systems and vision software applications, ergonomics, stainless steel tooling fixtures and precision X,Y,Z and theta staging, McBain has set the standard for post hybridization verification, alignment, inspection accuracy and NIR image clarity.

McBain designed and delivered an automated slide-loading particle detection and analysis system to locate, quantify and categorize features for purposes of screening security samples. The tool automatically scans batches of 50 slides and performs post-processing analysis, utilizing automated slide handling, motorized autofocus, motorized X,Y and Z axis, high speed image stitching and seamless integration of multiple software applications.

And those are just a few typical examples. McBain has designed, developed and manufactured many, many others over the years.

As little or as much as you need McBain can customize existing systems or design completely new systems from the ground up — as little or as much as you need. Whether its inspecting solar panels, wire bonds or circuit traces, whether the requirement is for full automation with robotic capabilities or a simple manually driven inspection station, we can help you.

Our business has always focused on specialized customer applications and quality customer service. McBain will provide you with the equipment, integrate it for you, and if you’d like, provide you with an on-going service contract. And our experts will be there for you long after the final sale, whether for training, follow-up or advanced applications

May we help you with an upcoming project? Perhaps we can develop an instrument or system precisely for you — to improve your operations and save you money. It’s worth looking into because there’s absolutely no obligation. Just tell us a little bit about what you have in mind, and we’ll tell you if we can help. To Contact us, just call (805) 581-6800 or click here.