Experience since 1965

From humble origins in 1965 as a provider of services for scientific microscopes, McBain has grown significantly.

Today, McBain’s experience includes the distribution of major brands of microscopes, creation of advanced visible and infrared microscopes, and the repair and service of all of the above. This expertise spans a wide range of advanced microscope brands including; Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Motic, Scienscope, and many more.

Today McBain Systems is uniquely positioned as a leader in advanced microscopy sales and service.

When you require a scientific microscope, custom metrology microscope, or an infrared microscope – contact McBain’s sales department and we will be happy to help you. When you have a microscope that requires repair or service contact the repair experts at McBain Systems service department.

Our Mission

We provide the highest-quality microscopes, microscope service, and microscope accessories.

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Our History

Commitment to Excellence

We are glad to define ourselves as the microscope experts who care. At McBain Systems, we understand our customers count on us to be trusted experts and we are committed to providing excellence in all that we do.

High Standards

McBain follows strict operating procedures which have been developed and perfected over decades of operation. We are also proudly ISO certified and our most recent certificate is below.  

Top Management