Should I buy a Used Microscope?

When budgets are tight a good used microscope may make the most sense. Considering that microscopes are essential equipment for industrial, educational, and scientific research it stands to reason that the ability to acquire a high-end instrument at a reduced price could be an attractive option. However, you need to be careful when looking at used scientific and lab equipment on the internet.

The cheap lab equipment you find on discount websites like eBay can cost you a lot more than the sticker price. There are horror stories of disreputable firms selling broken or misrepresented equipment. Even reputable sellers typically don’t give you any warranty or service. The issue is that older microscopes generally wear-out more often and that means you will need to refurbish, upgrade, repair or maintain a used microscope as part of the overall cost of ownership. There is a better solution.

McBain Systems has accumulated a large inventory of used and refurbished microscopes based on years providing trade-ins, sales, and service of all types of microscopes. Additionally and most importantly, McBain is considered one of the foremost microscope repair centers in the United States. When you purchase a used microscope through McBain’s sister site at you have the added peace of mind knowing that McBain will stand behind the sale with warranty and repair services.

For customers with smaller budgets, an affordable used microscope can still contribute to vital research without the unwanted surprises of buying through a discount site. For more information and a list of our current inventory please contact us on our web contact page here.