Precision Metrology Systems

When you require a metrology inspection system that provides a high degree of accuracy, repeatability, and durability – checkout McBain Systems. McBain has extensive experience designing unique, high-precision microscopes especially for the needs of metrology. Featuring high accuracy and repeatability, these instruments include X-Y-Z microscopes for non-contact measurement and inspection as well as for precision assembly. McBain also provides macro and micro toolmakers’ microscopes that are ideal non-contact, XY metrology tools for in-process and QC/QA inspection and verification of critical dimensions. Additionally, some of the best-kept secrets in Silicon Valley are the McBain wafer inspection systems which often fill specific needs that haven’t been specifically addressed by the large equipment manufacturers — often filling needs more elegantly, more simply, and at lower cost.

These unique McBain systems address such applications as infrared inspection, macro and micro inspection, probe card inspection, small field mask aligning, laser autofocusing, wafer handling and a lot more.

If you don’t see exactly what you want in our present product offering, don’t worry — unlike the large equipment makers, McBain is ready, willing and fully able to modify, customize and even develop whole new systems precisely tailored to your needs.

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