Upgrading your existing microscope may be a better option for you than purchasing a new microscope. A microscope system can represent a sizeable investment in a piece of equipment you intend to remain useful for a long time. However, your needs may change the scope of your requirements such that you can’t quite get the results you are looking for with your existing instrument. Should you buy a new one? That depends. If budget is no issue – simply buy a new one. You could essentially upgrade your microscope by getting a new microscope. But, perhaps you have made a sizeable investment in your existing microscope and would like to extend its working life a bit more if you can improve performance. One of the sales consultants from McBain will evaluate your equipment to determine if key components could benefit from an upgrade.

Common microscope upgrades:

  • Upgrade stage resolutions for measuring capabilities
  • Upgrade digital/archiving functionality
  • Replace outdated components
  • Upgrade comfort level / ergonomic upgrades
  • Upgrade microscope camera
  • Improve lighting
  • Modernize optics

This is a sampling of some common upgrades – we can also provide custom upgrades. If you would like to extend the working life our your existing microscope or enhance its performance it is worthwhile for you to contact the experts at McBain Systems. If you are better suited to upgrading to a new microscope entirely we may also be able to provide you with a trade-in value for your existing microscope. We can help you weight the pros/cons and understand the costs, contact us today.