Industrial Inverted Microscope MEC4

Industrial Inverted Microscope Mec4


The MEC4 is an excellent choice when examining or analyzing samples in electronics, industrial,  medical device, automotive, aerospace,  and metallurgical industries. 

Industrial Inverted Microscope Mec4


  • C-Mount Adapters
  • Digital Camera capabilities
  • Designed for brightfield
  • Contact us for full specs!
The MEC4 delivers, bright, crisp images at all magnification levels. With a wide range of c-mount adapters, the MEC4 can easily be connected to several choices of digital cameras for easy image processing. Designed for brightfield and simple polarization observation, the MEC4 delivers professional features at an affordable price in a compact, easy to use design.The MEC4 is an affordable inverted microscope with outstanding performance, and an excellent choice for in-line sample inspection for manufacturing, production and assembly applications where strict control of materials is required.
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