Nikon Color Microscope Camera

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  • High-resolution megapixel images
  • Special CMOS sensors for astonishing image quality
  • High-speed display, even of supra-HDTV-class live images
  • Fast image storage
  • One-Shot capture
  • Superb color reproduction
  • High Sensitivity, Low Noise

The DS-Ri2 can display 4908×3264 pixel (full-pixel) images at 6 fps, or 1636×1088 pixel (3×3 pixel averaging) images at 45 fps. This fast live frame rate makes fine focusing easy to perform. Sensitivity settings span the range from ISO200 to ISO12800 allow the capture of vivid fluorescent color images. When you require a high quality color microscope camera, consider the Nikon DS-Ri2 from McBain Systems in California. We are happy to provide you with more information on this camera so you can determine if it is right for your application.

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