Nikon Clinical Microscope Eclipse Ci-E


  • Advanced Automation Features
  • Tilting Telescopic Head
  • Advanced Illumination
  • Ci-E Motorized Features
  • Proprietary In-Line Focusing

When you want to operate your microscope unencumbered by delays, the Nikon Ci-E allows simultaneous switching of the objective lens, illumination, and condenser so you can concentrate solely on the specimen without concern for microscope operation. The new ergonomically located controls allow you to control adjustments simultaneously or switch between objectives quickly and easily. Without removing your eyes from the eyepieces or hands from the microscope, simply press the conveniently located capture button to capture high resolution digital images directly to the server, camera controller, PC, and various other types of digital media. The superior optics at your fingertips will provide you with the sharpest possible images.

The Ci-E provides low power LED illumination combined with a high-intensity optical system that is IR-free while eliminating color temperature changes that occur with halogen light sources. A number of microscopy techniques are supported, including simple polarizing, sensitive color polarizing, and dark field. The Nikon Eclipse Ci Microscope allows you to collaborate, consult, and teach with ease. You can quickly capture digital images directly to your PC or other input devices without removing your eyes from the eyepieces or hands from the microscope.

All of the Eclipse Ci Series advancements were incorporated with operator comfort in mind. For example, Nikon?s patented in-line focusing positions the stage handle and focus controls for maximum ergonomics. This enables you to sit square and straight during operation with wrists resting comfortably on the countertop.