McBain is a U.S. company based in Southern California.

McBain provides sales and service worldwide and has shipped its products to all 50 states as well as Canada and many other countries. However, in the case of certain products such as IR microscopes or products that McBain distributes for others there may be export restrictions. Please contact us if you have a question about shipping.

McBain has domain experience with applications in education, biomedical, forensics, clinical, research, semiconductor, aerospace and numerous other industries.

Most commonly McBain’s microscopes utilize high quality visible imagers with wavelengths in the 400-900nm range. However, McBain has developed a unique expertise in IR microscopes that operate in the NIR (700-1000nm) and SWIR (900-1700nm) wavelengths.

Absolutely. When you have a custom requirement our team of experienced engineers can identify the optimal key components to meet your needs. Our team has created custom microscopes in fields such as: wafer inspection, forensics, SWIR imaging, histology and more. We’ve worked with small local firms as well as large government labs, prominent universities, Fortune 50 companies and military contractors. Let us know how we can support you.

The price varies a great deal based on the product line, components and if the system is off-the-shelf or custom. In general McBain’s microscopes are for high-end applications although the factors above could mean a range of $1,000 – $100,000 depending on the particulars. Contact us for a free quote.

In general the answer is no. There are strict regulatory controls imposed by the U.S. government to prevent advanced IR technology from being exported outside the United States. However, this also does depend on if the underlying technology is based on restricted (SWIR/InGaAs) or unrestricted (CCD/CMOS) detectors.

Typically 30 days or less and less than 10 days if the item is in stock. More customized systems may take up to 90 days. Contact us for a quote to learn more.

McBain Systems is ISO 9001 certified. All of McBain’s calibrations conform to ANSI / NCSL Z540-1. McBain’s master stage micrometer calibration is traceable to NIST to 0.00001”(10 micro inches). Additionally, McBain’s sales and service team follows proven internal guidelines and checklists to deliver a high-quality product that is precisely tuned.

We believe we can provide you with a unique combination of expertise, quality and support that you will not find anywhere else. McBain’s depth of experience, specific domain expertise, long track record and onsite repair technicians set McBain Systems apart from other providers.