Prior Scientific ProScan II Stages

Microscope automation systems

The ProScan™ II systems from Prior Scientific offer a wide range of stages and are available for most modern upright and inverted microscopes. Stages may also be adapted to fit other optical inspection systems or OEM systems.

A ProScan II motorized stage system consists of a ProScan II controller, a selected stage from the ProScan II line and a selection of accessories to further customize the system. A modular design means that systems are easily configured for any combination of stage, focus, filter wheel and shutter options.

ProScan II systems are ideally suited for the most demanding imaging applications where high precision and accuracy are essential. Uses include; image tiling, time lapse studies, virtual/digital slides, industrial and semiconductor inspection and high throughput screening. System performance and reliability are second to none.

Specific ProScan II models are available for both inverted and upright microscopes, for 6- and 12-inch semiconductor inspection, for extended x-travel, for hardness testing and more. See the brochure for additional specifics.