McBain PCA300

Probe Card Analysis Microscope System

Key Features

  • 6″ inches of vertical travel
  • Manual or motorized X,Y & Z options
  • Up to 12 megapixel documentation
  • Color or monochrome Firewire and USB cameras
  • Stereo, macro or high magnification optical packages
  • Fully automated system available
  • 200mm or 300mm motorized and encoded X-Y stage travel choices
  • Ergonomic X-Y joystick
  • Ergonomic Z-axis focus option
  • Ergonomic workstation features:
    • 12″ of vertical table travel for ergonomic fit
    • choice of passive or active air isolation
    • Integral keyboard, monitor, ESD, power conditioner and EMO
    • Computer or Digital Read Out (DRO) available
    • Casters and leveling feet